24th Day of Christmas

Everyone hopes that the holiday season brings snow.  Not everybody gets their wish, however.  Today, it is incredibly cold!  It’s raining and the forecast is calling for some snow tomorrow night into Monday morning.

El Paso doesn’t really get snow.  We do get cold, like yesterday temperatures barely reached 49 degrees, but unfortunately it often doesn’t always translate into any measurable snow.  We usually get a dusting of snow but oh how I wish Colorado could spend a weekend here!  Anyway, snow is a holiday staple and there is nothing better than getting ready to throw a few snowballs around!

The last time we had any real snow was on December 30, 2010 but then in February 2011, El Paso experienced an incredible hard freeze like we’ve never seen before.  Everything literally froze and the most significant damage was to the palm trees that didn’t really fully recover, even to date now that Winter is upon us again.

Are we looking for that freeze again?  Well, no, but a good snow storm would be great!  Here’s hoping that local meteorologists have it right and it does really snow in the next couple of days.  It sure is cold enough!

Hard Freeze

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! (In El Paso!)

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