My Favorite Top 5 Christmas Songs

I just love the holidays.  I love all holidays but Christmas is one that I can really sink my teeth into because of all its possibilities, traditions, beauty, excitement, and significance.  I love it even more now because I have children and seeing Christmas through their eyes has brought out the child in me again too.

So, to begin the season of so much giving and hope, here are my top 5 songs for the Christmas season.  What are yours?

1.  Carol of the Bells – This song has many versions but there is one that I particularly like and that is the one by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  I love that particular version because it is so dramatic and because they use traditional symphonic instruments that help the song come alive.  I play the violin myself and I love the symphony orchestra.  I like the way they have blended traditional instruments along with a rock sound.  It’s not cheesy or over-the-top; it sounds dramatic and just like a play or ballet, the song takes on a life of its own.

2.  Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey – I don’t know if this is really the name of the song but I only hear it when ABC Family shows the program during their holiday program lineup.  This song is sung by Roger Miller  (ummm, I think), who also narrates the stop motion animated story of this special donkey who takes Mary to the stable so that she could give birth to Jesus.  The song itself is very powerful, showing through animals about human nature and how people can go from doing wrong to right or how they can go from being mean to being good and kind.  It stays with you and that is what I like, that it is so profound.

3.  Aleluya (Hallelujah) – Il Divo is a relatively unknown group of multinational opera singers in the pop genre.  They are two tenors, a baritone, and a pop singer.  Together they blend their unique musical voices to create incredible music that is not particularly mainstream but if you discover them, they are dynamite!  This song is beautiful, especially their live presentation in Barcelona.  Even if you don’t know Spanish or Italian, you will understand what they are saying through the music.

4.  Mary, Did You Know? –  I think every mom can relate to this song.  Every time I hear it, it deeply touches my heart because I believe that this song personifies the identity of a mother to her child and the deep connection that only she can understand.  I hold onto my children and tell them how much I love them every day.  I like Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd’s version.

5.  I Believe In Santa Claus – Again, this is one of those songs from a stop motion animated special and I love it!  I think it is Mickey Rooney who sings it.  The special reason for this song for me is that even Santa doubts the belief of Christmas in a child’s heart and through the song, he brings back the simplicity of the holiday season.  Here are the lyrics:

I believe in Santa Claus/Like I believe in love/I believe in Santa Claus/And everything he does
There’s no question in my mind/That he does exist/Just like love I know he’s there/Waiting to be missed

I believe in Santa Claus/But there was a time/I thought I had grown to old/For such a childish rhyme/He became a dream to me/Till one Christmas night/Someone stood beside my bed/
With a beard of white

“So you’re too old for Santa Claus”?/He said with a smile/Then you’re too old for all the things/
That make a life worth while/For what is happiness but dreams and do they all come true/Look at me and tell me, son/What is real to you?

Just believe in Santa Claus/Like you believe in love/Just believe in Santa Claus/And everything he does/Wipe that question from your mind/Yes, he does exist!/Just like love you know he’s
there/Waiting to be missed

Just like love I know he’s there/Waiting to be missed.

There are other holiday favorites that I have but I think these are by far the ones my family can’t do without!  Happy start of the holidays!


Trans Siberian Orchestra

Awesome Light Show!

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