Letter to Santa

I have been thinking of doing this my entire life!  Since I come from a Hispanic background, holiday traditions generally revolve around prayers rather than letters to Santa Claus.  That’s more of an American tradition, I think.  Even so, I had always wanted to do that.  I was unfortunate though, to never have had the chance to do that for myself but now that I have children I am so excited!

I didn’t really know how I was going to approach my son’s entry into this new tradition, to mix in with the ones we celebrate already, such as Posadas and midnight mass, but I know that I want him to have a basic understanding of values and not just the material stuff.  But how do I do this?  He’s a little boy and all he knows is the pretty lights, all those presents, and all those toys!

He asked me to help him write a letter so that he could mail it at the mall.  (He saw that big mailbox there).  He told me to write down what he said.  So I did.  I wrote down everything he said word for word.  I had been curious about what he wanted to tell Santa since children so young are still learning about Christmas and it was in that letter that my heart was opened to the beautiful spirit my son has.

Yes, of course he asked for presents and toys but he also mentioned how much he loves Jesus and his sister and his parents.  He said he wanted us to be happy and to make sure Jesus is not cold when he is born.  How very sweet he is.

This got me thinking about my children’s future and their core values.  With the way the world is today, were they going to be able to keep them.  I guess it just got me thinking of all the worries a mom has for her children as she watches them grow and her role as their guide.  I guess it also got me thinking that deep down I am afraid of how they will turn out, if I did a good enough job to see them through to make the right decisions for themselves.  It was like a blanket of self-doubt fell on me all of a sudden.

So, I wrote my own letter to Santa Claus:

Dear Santa,

My name is Monica and I am a mom.  I know you usually receive letters from people much younger than me and give presents to those who have been nice (and maybe a little naughty because they didn’t know better!) but I hope you can make an exception for me.

I would like to ask you for a BIG present this year.  My son is four and my daughter is two and they are just beginning to learn about Christmas.  They are filled with innocence and so much curiosity I hope they will keep forever.  My goal is to be a good mom and to guide them to become a good man and a good woman.

I would like to ask for HOPE.  I hope that this season brings less hunger, more jobs, better core values, more happiness, greater love, but most of all, I hope my children will always keep asking to write letters to you.  I hope that they will always keep that child within them.

Thank you, Monica

And by the way, my son also mentioned in his letter for Santa not to get stuck in the chimney.  Imagine that!

Letter to Santa

This is our letter!


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