Update: “Is It That Obvious?”

I wanted to share this video segment that aired on GMA this morning.  It is incredibly similar to what I wrote in my post, Is It That Obvious?  I didn’t know about her until this morning but her ideas are great because they are so simple and effective.  If you start out small and keep up with it for a few minutes each day such as with squats at the store like she says in the video, you will drop weight!  Don’t give up moms!  I’m here doing the same thing too!

I did a little research on Ali Vincent and she was on that show The Biggest Loser, which she won, and she has a new show called Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network.  To me she is an inspiration.  She personifies struggles I’ve had with weight and she is always so positive.  I like her ideas about how to lose the weight and how to keep it off.  It’s worth a look at these links if you need a little extra boost!  It sure has inspired me further!



Oh, and by the way, I was stuck at the 204 lbs. I mentioned in that post but I’ve slowly started to lose a little more again.  Of course, Thanksgiving didn’t help but I still enjoyed it!

And one last thing, I chose to feature this picture of Ali because her previous body shape was like mine.  I am not as heavy anymore but I’m not as thin as she is now….yet.  I hope you, too, are inspired!

The Biggest Loser

Yea, Ali! I'm almost there too!

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