It’s A Small World After All (Updated 11-22-11)

What are the chances that you will run into someone you know from say, childhood?  Or someone you dated in high school?  Or someone you just hope to never see again in your life?  And to add salt to the wound, what if you happen to live in the same city as with this undesirable?  Very probable!

El Paso, TX has a population of 800,647 as of the end of 2010 according to the Census Bureau.  I used to think that we lived in a HUGE city and that I could get lost in it.  I can and I can’t.  It all depends on what side of town I live in, where I frequent around town, and most telling, who my friends are.  That theory of degrees of separation is so true!  On my Facebook page for example, I have a friend from my college days who has a friend on his Facebook page who knows another friend of mine on my Facebook page who is the girl who cuts my hair.  Does this make any sense?  Well, just to clarify a bit I don’t know the person on my friend’s Facebook page and he doesn’t know my friend on mine, but we are all connected.  OK.

I run into people all the time especially at Walmart.  One time I ran into a cousin of an ex-boyfriend whom I had a long relationship with and my husband was with me.  AW-kward!  My husband isn’t exactly supportive that I did have a life before I met him so I just nipped that little moment out quickly, introducing them by first name only and telling the acquaintance to have a great day.  Gotta run!  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him get on his cell phone and call…..the ex-boyfriend?  Another time I saw an ex-friend whom I had a falling out with and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him make a very subtle 360 degree turn and leave.  I guess he’s still mad at me!  LOL!

I’ve always been wary of seeing someone I really don’t want to see, simply because I’ve put so much of my past into a box and buried it.  Why go back?  A lot of relationships, I’ve discovered, are not worth revisiting so I just want to leave it alone.  Thank goodness for technology!  Because of Facebook, Twitter, and other media forms, it has allowed for anonymity and protection.  I can say that some people have been looking for me but I have blocked quite a few people already.  Because of those requests I was also able to determine where these people are, by their own sharing of information.  See?  Easy.

What’s my point?  Just that if you live in the same city as someone you know but don’t want to know anymore, there is a 50/50 chance that you will run into them.  It’s unavoidable.  Lame?  Yes, sorry.











Wow!! What ARE the chances?  I talked about this yesterday and it turns up today on World News with Diane Sawyer!  Funny!

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