Little Black….Sweater?

I absolutely love the change in seasonal weather.  You go from a new freshness of Spring to the high heat of Summer, to the first hints of Autumn’s changing colors to the white chill of Winter.  The best part for me are the changing colors of Autumn that brings the promise of a cold Winter ahead.

In El Paso, we are usually at about 65 or so and in the Fall the sun is out most days, however, the wind or shade give that hint of Winter to come; it gets chilly!  It is in this transition that I just love to pull out my sweater and pair them with jeans and go out and kick a pile of leaves and bask in the warm, cozy sun.  I love sweaters and have lots of them.  That’s all I usually wear during this time and over the years I’ve come across different styles and textures and practicality that has seen me change my tastes from year to year.  One thing I’ve found out though is that, just like every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, I am here to say that she also needs a little black sweater as well.

As a mom I always try to put on what is easiest without sacrificing style.  I had promised myself that I would never be a mom who didn’t at least look clean and presentable.  There is nothing worse in the world than hanging out at the supermarket in your jammies or going to dinner in sweats and piling up the hair in a pony tail or a bun.  NO WAY!  Looking good is very easy and inexpensive.  I usually throw on a pair of clean jeans and a pretty sweater with my hoop earrings and a pretty matching bracelet.  That’s all you really need and it looks a lot better than sweats.  For a long time my hair used to fall down my back down to my booty but because of all the hecticness of day-to-day life with small children I finally decided to cut it short, all the way to just brushing my shoulders.  This has allowed me to just put on rollers while I do other things and release the curls and go.  Very practical and it looks salon style.

Back to the sweater.  Sometimes it’s not cold enough to wear a jacket and wearing a light jacket or sweater is sometimes annoying so I perused magazines and in-store clothing stores until I found a sweater that works just perfect.  It is a 3/4 sleeve, non-button, black shrug.  I found that I can wear my Summer blouses, even the sleeveless ones, throw on the shrug, and I look complete!  Wow!  This saves me money on buying new blouses if I already have ones that I can still use or are still new.  I was so happy that I found a little black sweater!  Whoever invented shrugs, well, I prostrate at their feet!  I think ladies should have one of these essential pieces, a go-to, in their wardrobe.  A good pair of jeans, nice, flat, comfortable shoes, and a good shrug.  I got mine a Kohl’s; just by chance did I come across it, but I was very lucky.

That shrug goes a long way in looking simple, yet put together because I know how hard it is to try to put yourself together when you’ve got a million other things to do.  My sincerest encouragement to all moms who are too tired, too busy, or don’t have a vast wardrobe (I’ve been there and still am – always, my day is 24/7 – that’s me too!) is to at least look presentable and clean.  Here in these parts there are a lot of moms who like using those plastic, pink rollers and place a net over the entire ensemble and walk all over town like that.  I think that is just a habit from living right across the border because there in Juarez, a few women I know do that!  That’s so 80’s!  LOL!  Walking around town running errands in sweats is bad too.  You get the picture.

If you need any one must-have piece of clothing, get a shrug.  Here is a picture of mine.  It is lightweight, basic black, soft and comfortable, 3% spandex so there is just enough wiggle room, and I got it for almost nothing at Kohl’s using coupons and free shipping.  Forget the little black dress!  This is perfect for those mild Autumn days!


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My Little Black Shrug


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