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When you are at the hospital after giving birth one of the first things that you are given is a little starter bag or kit for your baby.  The bag contains such essentials as pacifiers, diapers, some formula, and information among other things.  You probably already packed most of that stuff in your babies’ first diaper bag but they give you one anyway.  It’s good, though, just in case you might have forgotten something you didn’t think to pack.  We’re not perfect…..yet.

When I packed my own son’s first diaper bag I, too, wondered what he would really need.  I had absolutely no idea other than the basics, like diapers.  Wow!  I remember the very first time I went to the store to buy his very first pack of diapers.  If you’ve ever seen Toy Story, in that scene where Buzz Lightyear enters a toy store, where his jaw drops open in awe when he sees a display of hundreds of Buzz Lightyear’s on endless shelves that reaches the ceiling, that’s how I felt too when I reached the diaper section.  So many!  So many brands!  How was I going to choose?

You kind of have to start at the bottom, be methodical, have a sense of practicality, and just do the best you can.  I remember a time when I was young, my mother used cloth diapers.  Wow!  How times have changed and how far technology has come!  So I actually had to study what I was looking at.  I figured out that diapers are divided into sizes and weights.  I later figured out that this is just a guideline.  I remember that the very first package I chose was a package for premature babies so they turned out to be too small.  I was extremely lucky, however, that I was given a baby shower and those kind gifts included packages of diapers for newborns, just his size.  Ooops!  I had to make sure it fit.  The fit is the most important thing because if the diaper doesn’t fit correctly, then it doesn’t matter what kind of diapers you get or what brand.  It just won’t work.  What about the brand?  Well, that is the tricky part.  I’m not here to endorse anyone’s brand but I will say the one that I found to be the best for both my babies is Huggies Little Movers.  This one stood up to all the leaks, overspill, the horrible messes, their active play, and everything else I never thought of!

It’s ok to choose incorrectly the first time!  Just like with everything in their development, taking care of babies is a learning process and a lot of it is trial and error.  I know that a lot of this information is elementary and you’re wondering, why is she posting this?  It is important to note that there can never be too much information or options for a mom, especially if it is coming from someone who knows!  I made all kinds of mistakes with my son so this information helped me choose correctly for my daughter.  I know, my poor son, the experiment!

And what about those cloth diapers?  Well, I was surprised to find them at the store actually.  I did buy them.  Why?  Curiosity and innovation.  I was curious to see if they worked as diapers.  People, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!  LOL!!! They didn’t even hold up to the first pee!  How on earth did my mother do it?! Ha, ha, ha!!  My hat off to those mom’s from 40-50 years ago!  And the innovation part is simple.  I decided to use the cloths as burp cloths and guess what?  They work!  They are thick enough to catch everything, yet soft enough for your baby to rest their little head on when you are rocking them to sleep.  My daughter is two now and I still use them when she wants to cuddle and for my son, I use them to hold his head up when he has dozed off in his car seat when he is tired, sort of a mini pillow, and that works too.

So, if you are a new mom, or even a mom who is still looking for the right one, if you get a diaper that fits your baby, then choosing the brand is strictly up to you, on what you think works best.  Only you will know what best fits your baby.

By the way, I have gotten a lot of slack from “people” pressuring me to get my children out of diapers and potty trained already.  Don’t listen to pressure!  Don’t give in!  Your child will learn to go the bathroom when they are ready with your guidance.  They will not learn if you push them so just guide them and have fun with it because after all, it is a milestone and it shouldn’t be a chore.  My son learned in one week just before he turned 3.  My daughter is two and even though I have already been guiding her, she is still not ready.  That’s ok!  Remember, you’re the mom!  Not anyone else.  I hope this is useful information.

Till next time!

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  1. Xavier says:

    Pocket Diapers need Inserts they also can only be used one time before wasihng but you can stuff them for extra obsorbancy. The interior is ussually soft micro terry oor fleece I suggest using these at night time or heavy wetters during naps. they are also good for the hesitant father or grand parents. AIOS or All in Ones are also only good for one use before laundering but you dont have to do anything to prepare it just fasten the velcro or snaps and Done perfect for those relatives completely against using icky cloth diapers . Both of these are a little more expensive because you have to buy alot of them to use them full time but a very handy diaper. They also have brands that offer these in a One Size option, (these have snaps to make the diaper longer or sharter and the velcro or snaps to regulate circumference) although they ussually dont start fitting baby very well until about 10lbs.Diaper covers or diaper wraps come in all different shapes sizes styles and fabrics. they are used over the traditional flat diapers, prefolds,and fitted diapers. Flat diapers are big one layer squares which you fold up to fit baby they are very cheap ussually 8-12$ /dozen but a slight pain especially when baby can wriggle around more the upside is the price since you dont even need more than one size. Prefolds are cotton layers sewn together and require very little foldiing they also have better obsorbancy than flats ussually running 20-25$ /dozen you will need to buy two-three sizes as baby grows but the older ones are useful as inserts to pockets and wipes and such around the house.. You use a snappi or pins to fasten them. A fitted diaper is a cotton/flannel/terry diaper that is shaped like a disposable and has velcro to fasten it, very easy and expensive about 10-20$ each. For any of these, you will need about 30 newborn, 24 infant and 24 baby sizes if you do laundry every 2-3 days.Diaper wraps or covers are needed with these diapers to keep babies clothes dry.There are wool soakers which are frankly expensive (20-40$ each) and cute they wic the wetness away from baby and most people use only one for each diaper change although some parents do re use them (icky). these can often be used for many monthes before the baby grows out of them. They are also harder to maintain than other coversThere are fleece covers and pull up pants these are cheap or expensive and all prices between but also only last one diaper change these are easy to make and also wic wetness from baby, you can buy them from 10-30$ each.There are other soft covers targeted to newborns and other babies all of which can only be used once before laundering and all of which you must buy at least 3 even up to 5 sizes to fit from newborn to potty training.The most commonly used wraps and diaper covers are wipe cleans these ussually can be used then wiped clean let out to dry and used again at the next diaper change. people ussually use 2-3 wraps per day rotating through them, so with 6-9 you have 3 days worth of diaper changes. If you use these try to get one with leg gussets. These also come in One Size or there is a new Thirsties cover which fits baby better as a newborn and older toddler which are 2 sizes for birth to potty training called the Duo Wrap. Despite the sounds of these wraps they are ussually pretty soft and breathable on baby (bummis and thirsties certainly are) I bought 6 Happy Heiny One size Pocket diapers for night times, outings, and when shes being babysat (fits 10lbs to 35 or 40lbs) these come with 2 inserts each. 6 Thirstie Duo wraps (fits newborn to 15lbs) which are wipe cleans that you can rotate using only 2 a day at which cost me 200$ including priority shipping. The Thirsties wraps alone are $ 12.75 and the Happy Heinys are 19$ each.I bought 36 infant sized prefolds (which you need under the wraps) for 33$ (they are 11$ /dozen at if you buy the factory seconds ) they are usually about 18$ per dozen for the good ones .You can use the infant prefolds from newborn to 15lbs and after you can use them as inserts or doublers for extra protection when your baby starts wetting heavier. You can find used diapers, wraps, and prefolds online for really cheap and I happened to come across a 5 pack of infant kushies all in ones at walmart for 10$ , that 5 pack ussually runs at 45$ a package. If you calculate in weekly wasihngs I go to laundromat so its more expensive for me but I wash them once with detergent then again with no detergent and dry them for about 40 mins. Since I do this twice a week it costs me 15/week. and nothing extra for detergent I just use Tide High Efficency for all my clothes.If you think about the costs for disposables, 45$ for 150 diapers (pampers at shaws) if you use 10 /day thats 70/week thats 1 package every 2 weeks which is 90$ /month (keep in mind you are buying the most economical package of pampers) for newborn to 15lbs ( lets say 6 months) thats

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