I just love seasons and holidays.  It’s just a part of who I am.  I always incorporate something from every season and every holiday into my life because it is fun to create and it is a celebration of memories we keep.

For example, tomorrow is Halloween.  I’m not exactly sure why greeting cards come with the words “Happy Halloween” or why people say it either.  I mean, happy?  It should be scary Halloween!  Yo!  I’ve never really paid attention to this holiday past the candy before but this year I will be taking my two little monsters trick or treating.  I just want them to experience a fun little outing like this mostly because my son already knows what trick or treating is from watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”  LOL!  I promised him he could take out the pumpkin guts out of a pumpkin when I carve it out!

I’m not really big on trick or treating, especially since our neighborhood shuts down at around 6 pm before potential trick or treaters come by, but I have taken precautions for my children:  I’ve made a ghost costume for my baby girl from a white, flat sheet I don’t use anymore and will paint her face white, I’ve added a yellow, neon strip to the back and front of my son’s store-bought Bumblebee Transformers costume so that it will reflect light, I’ve checked the forecast (which is projected to be around 70 degrees), I have a flashlight, and finally we will be going to a neighborhood in west El Paso that is known for Halloween trick or treating, where about 200 people or so show up just to get candy and see the huge displays of Halloween decor, just as the sun sets but not yet dark.

And in honor of this particular holiday, I’ve put some cinnamon orange candles on my fireplace mantle, cooked a pumpkin pie with a jack o’ lantern face on top, and set a bowl of chocolates out on the counter.  Since I didn’t really plan Halloween this year, I just kind of threw a few things together.  I should have thought about it more, prepared for it better, but I still have everyday things to do.  I admit I just ran out of time.

But that’s the thing, I’ve been noticing over the last few years that so many holidays, starting with Christmas, have become so commercial.  It’s not even about the real meaning or significance of the holiday or season anymore.  It’s become about money.  Which is the reason I made my daughter’s costume.  True, I kind of threw it together but she’s two!  She won’t die of embarrassment until she’s about 9!  I don’t know how to make a good Bumblebee costume yet and my son really wanted that so that is the only reason I bought his.  In fact, I think that perhaps Halloween is the only holiday that keeps its significance, right?  Yes, actually.  Every year there are more and more scarier costumes, scarier displays and decor, more candy put out, and more and more scarier movies.  Paranormal Activity anyone?  I don’t think so!  (I’m a big weenie!)

And so, I sincerely hope and wish everyone a very safe holiday, especially this one.  I hope everyone can enjoy some good, clean, SCARY fun!  I promised myself that next year I will go all out since this is the first year I have really thought about it.  It’s true what I’ve heard said, ‘a baby changes everything’.  What?  Well, before I had children, this was just another passing holiday for me.  Now, because of them, I am full of ideas for costumes, decor, and food for next year!  I almost can’t wait!  Almost.

Ha ha!  Till next time!


I just LOVE Maxine! Isn't she great?

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  1. Ankush says:

    The fine art of make believe. The real drfceienfe between Americans and virtually everyone else in the world. What if is part of who each of us is. My love of Halloween is clear. Who else would try to see all his grandchildren live instead of on memorex and still pass out candy at home? Now if there were just a few more costume parties for adults with adult beverages Lol

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