Halloween Haunted House


for Information Call: 915-996-5061

If you are looking for something interesting to do on Halloween or even before, you might want to visit this haunted house hosted by the Sheriff’s department.  This is their 3rd Annual Haunted House and I understand it is even scarier than last year…..something about having a basement.  I, myself, am a big weenie so there is NO WAY I’ll be going inside this thing!  I’ll just stand next to one of those protective sheriffs. HA HAHAHAHAHA! HAVE FUN!

One Response to Halloween Haunted House

  1. Carrina says:

    I dont know about I dont know about you, but personally, hinavg something come out of nowhere that looks freakish and dangerous that appears to be about to physically harm me in ways I can’t or don’t know how to protect myself from would be more scary than some girl painted white walking around.You might get frightened everytime you see a little girl, but most people get frightened by unexpected danger, especially when it’s from something they don’t understand or can’t prevent.

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