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Here’s a quick project that will add a personal touch to one of your walls in your living room or in your home that I found amazing and very inexpensive to do.  This project is purely out of my own home and steps I took to complete it:


1.  Your favorite picture (this one below is a picture of a tree in my backyard on one particular hot Summer evening this 2011.  I don’t even like Summer but wow, this came out awesome!  Who knew?)

2.  Varnish and a sealer

3.  Hammer and nails

4. Staple gun (I used my husband’s construction gun, the one he uses to staple wood) or hot glue gun.

5. Four pieces of flat, wood sticks (for framing).


First, take a picture.  Take a picture with a digital camera of anything you want to see on a big scale on your living room wall.  Get it developed as big as you want it.  I went to Walgreens(because I just happen to be there that day) and I blew this one up to 36 x 24, matte.  Shiny is nice, I guess, but it….shines too much and it picks up too much glare.  Matte is better and looks better too.

Second, since you now have the size of your picture, get flat wood pieces of the same size.  (I got mine at Lowe’s for $2 apiece).

Third, varnish the wood pieces on one side only (or you can do it all around if you like!) until you get the dark color you want.  I just got the varnish and brushed on a whole lot and very fast to get that dark color.  You can use paint as an alternative too.  I just used the varnish because I was experimenting and I liked the result.  Give the wood a day to dry (overnight) and then brush the sealer on it.  Then give it an additional day to dry, also overnight.

Fourth, once the wood is completely dry, you should have four dark pieces of wood.  Cut each end of the wood at an angle so that you can nail or staple them together or piece them together at the ends with the glue gun.

Fifth, once this is done, lay the frame on a flat surface and then lay your picture face down on top of it.  It should fit exactly.  Hold the picture taut and tape each corner and the center of all four sides to the frame.  Or you can also lightly nail the picture with small nails, nothing heavy.  The frame is very light so taping, stapling, or nailing it should be no problem.  I stapled mine.

Finally, staple a small cord to hang the picture.  Use removable hooks on your wall to hang your picture.  Command Adhesive Wall Hooks really do work!


I will be updating this post at a later date to show this project in step-by-step pictures.  I sincerely apologize by giving you only text as I do not have a way to upload new pictures from my camera to my computer yet.  As I said before, this blog is still in its infancy and I still do not have everything in place.  Thank you for understanding!  This is an easy project and I hope it is easy to follow if you are interested.  Let me know if you have any questions!

One Hot Summer Evening

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