We’re Coming To El Paso!

If you haven’t heard about El Paso, then good!  I want to be the one to tell you about it.  If you have, and if you’ve read bad things about it, then first, I can clarify with honesty what you’ve heard and second, what you’ve read probably isn’t true, or at least not the way it was told. 

Every city has its star attraction.  El Paso happens to have several but this is one of my favorites:  The Plaza Theater.

from www.theplazatheatre.org

The Plaza Theatre

If you ever come out to this part of the country, this is a great place to put on your itinerary, especially as a date night.  The Plaza Theater features plays, intimate concerts with big names such as B. B. King coming in October, musicals and the best attraction of all (for me):  the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.

What is also great to keep in mind is that the theater features the Plaza Classic Film Festival in August which is a great experience that is different from watching a movie in a regular theater.  Here you have that ambiance of culture, the richness of the best in classic movies, and gorgeous, first-class seating.  

El Paso Plaza Theater at Night

When you sit inside this theater, look up at the ceiling.  It has those pin lights (similar to the scene in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie where the first year’s take in their first moments in an enchanted castle) that give that illusion of a starry night sky.  If you look closely, there is also an organ in the symphony pit.  Look for it.  It’s just beautiful!

If you want more information on this place or the festival, visit www.theplazatheatre.org and www.plazaclassic.com.   

I’ll share more and more of this beautiful city as I go along!

Till next time!


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