Does Anyone Email Anymore?

I remember a time when we still wrote letters, licked the envelope, slapped a stamp on it, and sent it off!

I love writing letters.  I love the idea that I can write a story, share gossip, keep in touch with someone, or celebrate an event.  I love the anticipation of receiving a letter or card back from the person I wrote to so that I can do it again.  Now I’m lucky to even get a card for my birthday.  I don’t even look forward to going to the mailbox anymore.  What happened to that time?  Technology of course.  I watch the news often and locally, the post office is losing business so fast that already a branch in a neighboring city (Las Cruces is a stone’s throw away) is shifting their mail service to come through El Paso because their facility will be closing soon.

Technology has grown so fast that now social media is the norm and it is really the best way to get your information out there, however, email, just like the regular postal mail, is becoming a dying trend.  You can do so much now with Twitter, Facebook, iPhone apps, etc. that you can get your business really noticed.  It’s almost unavoidable.  Even if you don’t know what you are doing, someone is bound to find you eventually.  It doesn’t just happen with bad things that might be posted (you know, that unflattering picture of you at that party you stayed out for until 3 am).  It also happens with good things.  The networks out there are vast and there is always someone surfing the net.

But email… still need one.  Professionals are still professionals.  If you want to keep certain emails personal or private, then email is all yours.  No one can get to it.  If you have something in the works (like draft designs, for example, or business contacts) then you can keep them in your own email.  You don’t have to share your core business.  Posting, or using Facebook, for example, to CONDUCT your business is a no-no.  It’s just not a good idea.  I mean, you wouldn’t share your draft notes on Facebook or Twitter on a book your writing, would you?

YES!  People still do email believe it or not.  For me this was a very important step and it was the step I immediately took right after deciding on a name for my business because, again, email is a lot faster than snail mail, right?  LOL!

My bit of advice:

1.  Choose an email service that is best for YOU and that meets your needs.  I like Yahoo.

2.  Create an email address that is the exact same name of your business if at all possible.  Sometimes the name of your business is already taken.  If it is, create a name that is as close as possible to your business name, by maybe adding a number, so in that way when you start sending out business correspondence, people will be able to connect it directly to  your business and there won’t be such a huge difference.

3.  Announce your email address to all your closest friends and potential clients as soon as possible thereafter because it is easier for them to know who you are when they receive your second email.  They’ll know where and who it is coming from and won’t spam it.  (It happens!)

Ok, maybe now you can email me!  I sure hope so!

Till next time!

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This still works!

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