Is It That Obvious? Part I

I’m going to like this section.  There is a lot to talk about.  I want to just let it all hang out!  I hope you will too and share your thoughts as well.  ;D

I think there is still so many of the same subjects that we women go through every day that has been talked about over and over again.  It gets redundant doesn’t it?  But we all have our own stories, our own opinions, our own side of things that show the uniqueness of who we are.  This is just what I went through.  I’m going to start with the obvious:  my weight.

There is no getting around it.  Women have a hard time losing weight especially after having a baby.  I am in my early 40’s and I remember when I was a size 10.  What?  A size 10??  Not a size 2?!  Well, when I was super young (18) I finished growing and topped off at 6 ft tall (to my dismay) and I was a size 7, the smallest I had ever been.  I used to eat like a horse, or whatever animal happens to eat all the time, and I never gained any weight.  I actually used to worry about that but never really did anything about it.  So then when I was about 25 or so I went up to a size 10 and stayed there for the next 10 years.  That’s when things started to go downhill.  I naively thought that I could eat anything I wanted just like I always did and not gain weight but I began to notice that my clothes were fitting more snug and I knew that I was gaining weight.  I went up to a size 12 but again I was ok with that.  My advantage was that I was tall.  Unless the weight gain was in an obvious position (the belly, for example), you couldn’t really tell at all that I was a little bigger.  Then I got married and got pregnant and boy did I let go!  It’s not that I didn’t care but I hadn’t really realized that I had been worrying so much about my weight until I got pregnant.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that I had an office job that required me to sit hours on end and stare at the computer and not budge.  Some of it was my own fault because I could have probably exercised a little bit, or maybe a lot.  I just felt a relief almost, that I had an excuse now to gain the weight, thinking that it would come off if I wore a girdle (wives tale, ha ha ha).  No, seriously, I thought that it would come off with a little excercise.

But it didn’t.  By that time I was 220 lbs after my baby was born.  I paid 100% attention to him.  I got busy with day-to-day life and since I was a stay-at-home mom by then, I didn’t really pay much attention to myself.  Not that I could!  Babies are babies!  By the time my son was a year and a half, I slowly, very slowly began to pay attention to myself and I saw that my weight was stuck at the same setting.  I really thought the scale was broken.  How can this be?  I ran around the house constantly doing laundry, cooking, cleaning the house and of course taking care of my son.  I would drop down dead tired in my bed every night (wait, what am I talking about?  I still do that!).  Didn’t that count as excercise?

Oh! It doesn’t!  LOL!!  But then, here comes baby number 2!  So again, I forgot about me and was 240 lbs. post baby.  Again, life just happened and all of a sudden my baby girl was two and there I was, stuck again.

Ok, so now what?

Is It That Obvious?

6 Responses to Is It That Obvious? Part I

  1. Julens says:

    Try not to put pressure on soeryulf for fitting back into your clothes. The worst part to me was the first month post pardum because your maternity clothes don’t fit and your regular clothes don’t fit. Resign soeryulf to some sort of stretchy pants and large tops. I hope you are lucky with nursing in that it makes you loose weight fast, but the was a secret no one told me and that was some people hold onto weight while nursing. I was one of those lucky ladies. After Max is was easier because I just accepted it and started really trying to loose weight when he was about 3 months. I was really puffy too with Zoe and you will not believe the water you shed after! I would wake up soaked in sweat and pee like a race horse LOL! Anyway, yes sensible options, but don’t be hard on soeryulf It is truly 9 months up and 9 months down.

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    • Monica Gardea says:

      Thank you! I hope you will keep visiting!

      • Ashwini says:

        What great timing! My itltle one is 2 mo and I just started getting back into the groove. I keep hoping this time I’ll be the miraculous mommy who loses a ton of weight by just breastfeeding but I’m like you. It seems the extra weight (after the initial weight loss) doesn’t come off until they start solids. (I gained FIFTY POUNDS this time! Gasp!) I have 20 to lose and follow basically the steps you listed. I, however, do it a itltle at a time. Like right now I’m only doing 30 minutes of cardio a day and have cut out my caloric drinks other than milk. (I went overboard on this baby with SODAS!)And water, water, water! To watch my sweets, I’m treating myself to Hershey Special Dark Kisses! Yummy! And less calories than what I would normally eat. I’ll watch my calories and what type I eat once I get consistent with this first phase.I somehow can’t manage the energy to exercise during pregnancy. With baby #1, I continued tae kwan do for about 6 months but since then, pregnancy means rest for me. I would love to know tips on continuing through pregnancy.You know what doesn’t help me lose weight after baby? Recipes for Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake. [] Reply:May 19th, 2011 at 2:49 pmAhem, misery loves company and if I have to fight the evil Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake it’s at least nice to know I’m not alone. No tips on exercising during pregnancy. It’s something I struggle with because I’m so terribly sick and tired. I do generally manage to walk regularly by the last trimester, but other than that I sometimes think that if I could only do something to be rid of the horrible nausea, then everything would be better, but to date nothing has worked for me.[]Dianne Reply:May 19th, 2011 at 3:18 pmNausea? I’m surprised not many women know about Bentonite Clay for nausea. I first saw it on, and then a couple of other places on the internet, but not many people talked about it. Well, I don’t know about other women, but it worked really well for me. I didn’t have horrible nausea with my last pregnancy, but it did calm what nausea I had. A couple of my other friends have tried it with the same results. I purchase food-grade hydrated Bentonite Clay (usually near the detox items at the health-food store). I mix a couple of tablespoons with juice and drink it and within a few minutes the nausea subsides. I use this for any type of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea with excellent results. We even use it for heartburn.[] Reply:May 19th, 2011 at 3:28 pmThank you Dianne. I will certainly try this out if God blesses us with another pregnancy. (and if it works I may just have to buy you a latte or ice cream or cupcakes!!!)[] Reply:May 19th, 2011 at 2:50 pmOh and congratulations![]

    • Alicia says:

      My mother leatbtd obesity during my childhood and it was terribly damaging to her emotionally. Now that tumors make it painful to eat we are very concerned when she loses even a pound and urge her to eat something, anything. This proves once again that God loves irony! Congratulations on your continued success, I think your mom is very proud of you and helping you along on this journey.

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