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My Comfort Couch

Just as I promised, here is where I will post all those little in’s and out’s of my efforts to get my business going.  Please understand that this is MY journey and if someone else did it another way or heck, if you have some pointers for me, let me know!  I’ve had no counseling, or advice, or any sort of training in this area.  This is a complete grass-roots venture so I hope it will be a FUN ride!  Maybe I will be the next Martha, or Oprah……….or maybe not.  LOL!!

Making or deciding what the first step to start a business is always a little hard.  Where do you start?

Well, one of the very first of two things that I had to decide was what it was that I wanted to do.  I had to decide what would make me most happy and potentially what I could do or fall back on for the rest of my life.  I brainstormed a lot.  Honestly, I brainstormed for about three years, which was after I got married, quit my job to stay home with my son, and after my son was a year old.  I was randomly thinking of all the things that I liked to do:  read, quilt, write, spend time with my children, learn a new language.  Everything that I liked, I realized, were things that I did to relax or have fun but life took me in another direction so I put my thoughts aside to take care of day-to-day life.  It happens!

After my daughter was born and after she was about two years old I started to think of myself again (how selfish!).  After thinking about it some more I decided that quilting was the best thing I like to do and I really thought that I can make a go of it.  I had read (and still constantly read) a lot of material on the subject and just love all that creativity out there!  It is so inspiring!  So, having absolutely no experience whatsoever and not knowing a single thing about where or how to start, I decided to lay the groundwork of what would work for me.  This way I can learn by trial and error and adjust as I go.

So what did I do first?  After making this decision to create my own quilting designs I had to think of a name for the business.  Oh, this was the fun part!  (NOT!)  It took me about a month or so to think of a name that I really, really liked, something that I would be proud of, something that would last, and something that would really identify what the business is about.  Oh, I picked my sister’s brain a lot for one.  (she now has gray hair I think).  I studied design pictures I already had.  I constantly looked all around me for inspiration.  I tried to tie in my love for the seasons, especially Fall, and holidays into the name.  Finally, FINALLY, a name came out!  The Comfort Trunk.

I cannot express how much such a seemingly little thing can make a person so happy.  But I was.  I was extremely excited not only that I finally came up with a name, but also that I knew that I had something special!

My bit of advice:

1.  Don’t copy anything off the Internet!  Don’t even look at the Internet.  Go sit in a comfortable spot in your house and just brainstorm.  Believe me, you will be absolutely happy that you came up with your own name on your own.

2.  Give yourself time.  If you’re anything like me, I like things to be fast and I’m the give-it-to-me-now kind of chick!  But sometimes you need to take time to think things out and do them right.  Sometimes you have to bug your friends and family or write lists.  I did.  Oh the stories my sister can tell!  Believe me, it will be worth it!

3.  Make sure no one else has that name.  Oh, this can be the hard part.  It is always hard to have a name you really like but then realize that it is already the name of a business out there.  That’s part of the reason that perusing the Internet is OUT!  If you think of it all by yourself, then more than likely no one else has your name.  I did it that way and I was so happy that NO ONE else had my name!  Whew!

Remember, this may seem like a really small thing but it will have a huge impact on the future.

Till next time!

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  1. Karthick says:

    I love the quilt and the quilting. You must have an lseint supply of Heather Ross. Because just about all your quilts use it and I love it. I use mine so little I just look at it. What a shame. I did breakdown and use a little bit of the fat quarter that my daughter give me that she won on one of your giveaways. The pink VW buses. I love that fabric I’ll post a pic when she gets it quilted for me. Thanks for such a great blog. I just love seeing all your crafts.

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