‘Sneak Peak’ at the First Project!

Seasons and Holidays are a great inspiration for my business and designs.  My favorite season is Autumn, or Fall as we here in the border town like to call it (we’re rather simple).  Summers in El Paso can get pretty hot, not like Phoenix, but hot nonetheless and this was one of our hottest Summers.  So it is to no one’s surprise how much I had been looking forward to Fall.  I just became a HAPPY MAMA!

This is the spot where I will be posting ideas, pictures and inspiration for season and holiday projects and stories.  I know there are a lot of season and holiday related subjects but I hope to bring something new and fresh to these posts.  I’m no Martha Stewart, although I greatly admire her business sense and her incredible ideas, which are many.  I’m just a mom with her own crazy ideas!  I hope you like them too!

Below is my first design for a new pillow and pillowcase.  I am working on the templates right now.  I will post a progress report soon!

January Snowdrop


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