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My name is Monica Gardea and I live in El Paso, a border town along the Rio Grande River right across Juarez, Mexico.  I am a stay-at-home mom and have two small children, ages 2 and 4.  I am fluent in English (of course!) and Spanish and here along the border you get your share of tight-knit family ambiance and tradition.  Before I became a full-time mom, I was a real estate administrative specialist and I did just about everything in the office just short of actually selling a house.  I must say that while I enjoyed the process of learning (I knew nothing about real estate) and putting into practice 13 years of prior customer service experience, I was happy to leave it all to stay home with my children.

Taking care of a house and family is perhaps the hardest, most demanding but ultimately most rewarding experience of my life.  Even though there has been lots of ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, sadness and happiness, and lots but lots of challenges, I would not have skipped it for the world.  Now that my family has settled into a routine, a dream I had been secretly harboring for years had begun to surface when my children finally mastered potty training.  I felt that it was time for me to try to build a business that I had always wanted now that I had a smidgen of time to at least lay the groundwork for my dream to materialize into a full time job.  And so, in part, I am starting with this blog.

This blog itself will serve two purposes:  one, to track my progress as I begin my business with a step-by-step account of everything that I have done in hopes that it will also inspire and give other moms and women information and inspiration on how to go about doing things as I myself learn from this experience as well.  The second purpose is to talk about and really share all the “truths” about what goes on in a mom’s life.  I am not one to sugar coat things because what you see on tv or read in magazines or books glosses over the nitty gritty of every day life.  You’ll know what I’m talking about as subjects come up!  I hope to relay them with both honesty and humor.

I have always liked to sew and quilt and I was always disappointed when I went to the store to buy things to dress up my home.  I could never find nice or good-quality pillows or throws or curtains or quilts or things like that to make my home cozy.  So I dabbled in making things for my apartment.  The first thing I started with is making quilted pillow cases with zippers for my throw pillows for my couch.  I could get a regular pillow and “dress it up”.  This way I could wash them when they got dirty or soiled.  After that, I started to embellish the pillow cases always keeping in mind that I could still wash them.  I had only done a few before life happened and I had to put it aside.  Now, many years later, I want to start with that same idea because it was my first.  I have many other ideas on paper that I want to bring to life but this is my first.  The name The Comfort Trunk came from a hope chest I had given my son to put his many toys in.  I love the comfort of a home.  Every time I opened up my hope chest it was filled with things that made me happy and comfortable and sometimes held surprises.

That is my business.  I hope to officially launch my business as soon as I get my inventory ready that will include my quilted pillow cases.  The home is the heart of a family.  Being here in my home is the most happy and most safe that I feel and I hope to evoke that through my hard work.

Now, the first thing I’d like to mention about the mom part.  You’re always tired!  Until next time and Happy First Day of Autumn!

The Month I Began

2 Responses to Hello world!

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    • Monica Gardea says:

      Thanks, John, for the tip. I am writing this blog the old-fashioned way because I would like people to visit my site either randomly or by a deliberate search and hope to draw in real interest. I haven’t told my friends or family, except for my sister, about the blog yet because I want to add more content so that when I actually do launch, I will see what traffic looks like then and look into other options as well to maximize traffic. Thank you, though, for the suggestion! Take care, Monica

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